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Christmas 2001
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My name is Sarah Kathryn Duhon --I am so proud of my Mom - not letting me be born on Income Tax Day
Mexican Fiesta in Coon Ass Country - July 2002
The Coon Ass Cornicopia where the above florish
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Web page by a semi-Cajun in North Carolina www.dost.us
Grandma and Gramps' pride and joy...Lauren, Matthew and Sarah

The Duhon family in Cajun Country S / W Louisiana


Christmas 2000
Gloria and Don .... Don really can be a crick in my neck sometimes!!!!
Gloria 2000
Gulf Shores
Just a few pics of my family to share...An online friend offered to do this page for us and I soon realized how little I know, but think I managed to learn a thing or two!! Thank you Lee!!!!