Iaso General Hospital, a 500 bed facility with unbelievable attention and service. And the nurses and female doctors are not figments of your imagination but real as you can see below.
These photos are of neighboring apartments looking out of my room .
Doctor Makri Stamatoula, one of the first doctors to see me here.
Nurse Bisioti Biki
Mr & Mrs Michael Kodounis and their daughter Calliope below. Calliope has English lit as her major.
Dr Grapsas is the lead doctor on the team that is treating us.
Dr Grapsas and the beautiful Dr Pini

The beautiful Dr Pini, my pu;manary specialist.

The Medical Director of the hospital and his aide.
Nurse Seremeti
Two wonderful nurses constantly poking holes in me trying to get blood. Tell them it is not nice to do things like that ! ! email them at .......eleniskamioti@hotmail.com
Nurse Griva

Mr & Mrs Kallianiotis, Aimitris & Aellen - - these wonderful people shared my room for one night.

Nurse Kontaxati
Docror Doilianis

Nurse Ambaci and her husband
One of the 1 nignt stay room mates.
Doctor Bozoviti
The lobby of the hospital. The marble walls in various geogrphical patterns is fantastic. On close observation there is not a hairline crack between the carved segments.
Iaso General Hospital Athens, Greece