Lufthansa reservations rebooking flight to Frankfort the next day due to Lufthansa assuring my travel consult they would have a power port on this flight but failed to live up to their word. To make me feel so good about this affair was that I had enough battery power to make it half way but had to have a continous supply for trip. The plane carried emergence oxygen but the Captain would not let me use any so we left the plane feeling very ill toward Lufthansa.
After a short discussion about Lufthansa supplying hotel for the night she relented and called someone after I mentioned that either way Lufthansa would furnish the hotel now or have the privledge of enjoying court action in America. Someone decided I might forget the entire thing if they gave me LUXURY hotel at the airport so I would be shure to be able to get away easy the next morning.The photos below are of street scenes enroute to the hotel.