Santorini, Greece Cruise day 25
Santorini embraces all that has made the Greek isles legendary -- splendid beaches, unparalleled architecture, dramatic cliffs and quaint villages. Ride a donkey up the trail to the city of Thira or take a cable car. The views from Thira, set atop a ledge overlooking the sea, are stirring. Most ships allow just enough time here to wander the streets, admire the churches and browse the shops and cafes. Language: Greek Currency: Euro
These photos were taken as we approached the islands and after dropping anchor.
Breakfast companions from Stewart,Florida and Greenville, South Carolina.
The following photos were taken from the tender or on the island of San
On the cable car leaving the lower level.

Souvenir stores - all merchandise made in China with a 11,000 % markup - My Bride almost bought three hats she fancied although she knew they would be higher than Wal-mart. She misread the price on the items. She thought it was a little more than Wal-mart but not out of line. She read 5.9 Euros and Wal-mart would have them for about $5,00. She got a twenty from me and tried to pay for the three items, the clerk ask for more money and then it was found out the souvenir price was 59 Euros.

End of photos - -----Santorini, Greece ....Cruise day 25