Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy

Cruise Day 20

From the port city of Livorno, the riches of this remarkable region are revealed. A trip to Florence, with a stop at the leaning Tower of Pisa en route, provides some unforgettable experiences, including the Piazza del Duomo with its grand cathedral. Florence is home to the fascinating art treasures of the Italian Renaissance -- works by Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. A highlight is a visit to the Accademia Gallery, which houses Michelangelo's famous statue of David. Language: Italian Currency: Euro
The first sight of the port, it is the Oceanic cruise lines M V Valetta, maybe named for a lady that lives there I know.
Early breakfast in the Lido Restaurant.
My four striper friend Hotel Manager Willen Cruisberg supervises all hotel operations on the ship, the Capital's duties is supervision of navigation, maintenance, communications and safety.
The above photos did not turn out well - the heavy haze is the culprit and has been this way for 10 days.
From left to right, Assistant Dining Room Manager, Pears Williams Roderich Jongblued, Assistant Dining Room Manager Panca, Culinary Operations Manager (3 striper) Peter Carren and Head Steward Eddy Sugiarto.
Jusius Fernandez is all ways tempting people with wonderful pastries.

Scott and Pamela Schiep of Las Vegas are wonderful, I am sitting waiting to take photos of our departure from Liverno harbor and this kind lady sees my cane and oxygen unit. She comes over and ask if she could get me something to eat or drink. A conversation ensued and we talked about many things. To me it is the most likable thing about traveling is the meeting and conversations with these people.

The Maybe ship is a ferry based in Naples.
The lighthouse in Liverno harbor. The following photos are of our departure of Liverno harbor.
We officially cleared the harbor and are on the open sea - this was made official by the harbor pilot leaving our ship and heading back home in the boat shown in the above two photos.
End of visit to port of Livrno Italy, Cruise Day 20 - - - next will be Rome tomorrow.